Congratulations to Lucas Bickford for being chosen as the Braddock District Young Person of the Year

Lucas is a student at Woodson High School and a Fairfax Villa resident, this year he organized the Villa Neighborhood Cleanup (VNC). Lucas initiated this project along with his brother and another friend. They have reached out to the principals of the two elementary schools that draw from the neighborhood. Their goals are “to get younger kids in the neighborhood interested and invested in helping the environment. The changes that the planet needs are not going to happen unless the coming generations are motivated and educated enough to do what is necessary, and the Villa Neighborhood Cleanup aims to help address that.” They have set up a schedule of clean-up days, and along with a message to the principals, they forwarded flyers with details about the project and a list of the days that are scheduled for the next year. Lucas’ efforts are impressive, and he has made a difference in the neighborhood and in the local environment. Lucas demonstrates a civic commitment that is not often seen in the younger generation. 

Scott Snyder

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